Web Service (server) and file_column issues

Hi there,

I’m having some issues with using SOAP and file_column. The Web service
created is pretty straight forward. It gets the 5 most recently updated
members from the database. Nothing too spectacular. However, the Members
class uses file_column and when I try to connect to my web service I get
this error:

TypeError in Connect to serviceController#display_recent_updates
Do not know how to handle a string with value
that was passed to a file_column. Check if the form’s encoding has been
to ‘multipart/form-data’.

My web service API looks like the following for my server app:
api_method :find_members_recently_updated, :returns => [[Member]]

And here’s how I call the service from my client app:

def display_recent_updates
XSD::Charset.encoding = ‘UTF8’
wsdlfile = “http://localhost:3000/community/wsdl
driver = SOAP::WSDLDriverFactory.new(wsdlfile).create_rpc_driver

@result = driver.FindMembersRecentlyUpdated


I have about 30 columns in my members table, but I’d prefer to return
only a
few columns (nickname, email_address, the URL of their thumbnail image,
updated_at). I don’t want to expose all the columns through the web

Any ideas?

Thank you,
Dave H.