Web service scaffolding: array and 2d array params


Currently when you build a web service with ActionWebService, you can
generate a scaffold (using a command like “web_service_scaffold
:invoke”) that will allow you to call your web-enabled methods from the

Currently, if any of those parameters are arrays, you get the message
“Typed array input fields not supported yet”, and you can’t enter the

Has anyone worked on adding this support? I just want to know before I
try adding it myself. What I’d like is for there to be a textarea in
which I can enter array elements, one per line.

I also want to be able to call, from the web service scaffold, methods
that take two-dimensional arrays. I’d like to be able to specify those
parameters by putting each row on a line by itself, with each item
separated by commas, like so:

etc. Or some other similar scheme. Looking at the code I’m not exactly
clear how to proceed. Any tips would be appreciated, or better yet, a
pointer to work that’s already been done.

Alternatively, is there a rails app that can dynamically generate a web
client just from a WSDL?