Web Link Broken

I tried googling to find out this mailing list’s archive. One hit was
http://xircles.codehaus.org/projects/jruby/lists, where I tried to click
the “Archive” link on the user list. I got this:

Not Found

The requested URL /lists/org.codehaus.jruby.dev was not found on this

This was true of all four “Archive” links on the page.

I found the archive by clicking the MarkMail link further down the page
(Search results for list:org.codehaus.jruby - MarkMail).

Is someone reading this able to modify or remove the broken links?


Keith R. Bennett

This appears to be a bug in codehaus. There is a link lower on the
page which contains all these message stored on markmail so there is a
workaround. You might want to file an issue on this at codehaus.


On Thu, Dec 13, 2012 at 9:45 AM, Keith B. [email protected]

This was true of all four “Archive” links on the page.
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Tom -

Thanks. I spent a few minutes but couldn’t find out how to file a bug
in Codehaus. Xircles, the product that appears to manage it all, had a
“Contact” link on http://xircles.codehaus.org/...but it was broken
too! :frowning:

I’ll be quiet now :wink:

  • Keith

Keith R. Bennett