Web features: RSS, Issues, Twitter

Hi everyone,

I’d like to point out a couple of online features you might be unaware

== RSS feeds ==

Our Redmine website offers the option to subscribe to RSS feeds filtered
by whatever you’re interested in.

For example, the current state of the issue tracker can be subscribed to

You can also subscribe to individual issue’s feeds (simply open an issue
and scroll to the bottom), or get one large feed on everything
filtered by whatever you’re interested in at the Activity tab:

(Again, find the feed URL at the end of the page.)
This includes commits, news etc.

== Issue tracker ==

Although you’ve probably seen this, I’d like to remind everyone that
we’ve changed our habits concerning the issue tracker, which you can
find at:

All bugs and feature requests run through here, so please, if you have
something to report, post it there (you need to sign up for
spambot-related reasons, read this:

== Twitter, Blogs etc. ==

There are two Twitter feeds dedicated to GNU Radio:

Also, Tom has a blog documenting the ongoings of GNU Radio:

Of course, while we’re on social media web 2.0 fancy shiny stuff, you
can follow and fork us on github:


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