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The International is a not-for-profit newspaper. Our activities focus
on the development and expansion of peace journalism.

We are helping our readers to develop a better understanding of
cultural differences, of the different perspectives on current issues
and conflicts, and of how people are affected by them. We report on
the events in the same manner, no matter where they occur, and we
focus on proposals to conflict resolution.

We are currently looking for a web designer. We want to rebuild our
website, and here are its requirements:

  • A custom design. We have a good idea of what we want in terms of
    looks and we will take your suggestions as well.
  • Basic online newspaper platform. Admin panel for adding, editing and
    deleting articles.
  • Many “boxes” on the front page showing the latest news from each
  • Ability to choose one article in the admin panel from all the latest
    ones on the home page, and make it the main one on the home page (with
    a large image). Please note: If there was an article selected to be
    the “main article” on the home page, and we want to put a new article
    as the “main article”, we don’t have to go back to the old one and de-
    select it; this is done automatically by adding a new one.
  • Easy to add an image to each article with automatic framing. (We can
    do the downsizing ourselves, but if you want to make it automatic
    without any additional cost, sure.)
  • Very easy to share an article on delicious, facebook, etc.
  • Each article can be assigned to one of 7 categories and one of 7
    continents through the admin panel. Although not for now, in the
    future, we will want to develop sub-categories.
  • A way for journalists and administrators to see how many views each
    article gets and how many each journalist has in total, without
    readers seeing.
  • A way for readers to send feedback to the administrators and
    journalists about each article. We do not want comments for now, but
    we will in the future.
  • Easy to add / edit / delete pages. For instance, we’ll make a page
    (ourselves) explaining what our newspaper is. The link to this page
    (“About”) always shows at the bottom.
  • A form for people to apply directly on our website to either one of
    our departments. List and description of departments editable in the
    admin panel.
  • A contact form.
  • RSS feed, and possibility to get news delivered by email as well.
  • Great SEO.
  • A search option for the website (possibility to search by category,
    by region, etc.)
  • XHTML compliant.

We outlined all the features and we’ve been as precise as we could
because we don’t want you to have any unpleasant surprises. If you
think we have forgotten something essential, let us know when you
apply. As you build the website, we will not constantly come to you
and try to add things to this list. If there really is something we
forgot, we will re-negotiate the contract together.

You are allowed to use the language and/or platform you prefer,
whether it is Ruby, PHP, Rails, Cakephp, Drupal, or whatever else, as
long as they meet our requirements.

To apply, send us an email at
[email protected], and tell us:

  1. Which language / platform you intend on using, and why you think
    it is the best option for us
  2. A portfolio of what you have previously done with this language /
    platform / framework.
  3. How much you are charging for the entire project.
  4. How much time you estimate it will take for completion.
  5. If, for any reason, there is one or more features outlined above
    (tell us which ones) that you cannot implement, but you still think
    you are a valuable candidate.

Thank you!

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