We need this (codebubbles)

I think something like this would benefit Ruby & Rails development a
huge amount. I miss the capacities the Smalltalk (+Self) browsers
enabled the facilitation of.

The disadvantage was that it was an “entire closed world” but this is a
more open idea… also it seems to integrate with Eclipse, which may
mean RadRails would integrate with it. Would this mean we could browse
class hierarchies of Ruby and directly execute code, etc?

It’d be fantastic if this was the case. A dream come true.



I saw CodeBubbles on Slashdot yesterday and had the exact same
thought. Now I can’t stop thinking about how an interface like that
could make my life so much easier. I’m refactoring a bunch of
controllers with big blocks of nearly identical code. Oh to have the
actions side by side in bubbles.

I saw the discussion of it being based on Eclipse as well. I’ve never
used Eclipse, or RadRails on top of it. Maybe somebody who has more
familiarity with those projects could take a look?