We need some RoR developer volunteers for opensource RoR cms

Hi All

I was looking for a active RoR based cms.but didn’t find anyone
appealing. there are so many high class php cms systems but there is
nothing great RoR cms systems out there whereas we have such a great
system (RoR) . so we are making a open source RoR cms from scratch.

We need some RoR volunteers for opensource RoR cms that can develop and
design .

currently we are in Planing phase.

project home page : http://rubyforge.org/projects/tgrcms/

Project job opening http://rubyforge.org/people/?category_id=1

Ajay M.
[email protected]


And a couple more.

I’d suggest contributing to these.

On 9/15/07, Ajay M. [email protected] wrote:

design .

Ajay M.
[email protected]

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