We need Ruby on Rails Developer

The iCenris team is dedicated to developing beautiful, usable, and
practical web applications for our clients. We’re highly collaborative
fast paced environment where we make decisions in minutes, and promote
features in hours. We believe in getting customer validation early,
verifying with real data, but also running with our industry expertise.
The team includes UI/UX design, Rails developers and project/product
management where everyone on the team is responsible for the success of
our products, including making sure that we’re building the right thing
in the first place, and that it’s polished and beautiful when it’s done.

We’re seeking a ROR developer with a passion for product development,
developing highly scalable, distributed systems.

Strong Knowledge and practical experience in Object Oriented Concepts.
Strong Knowledge and practical experience in Design Patterns.
Minimum of 4 years experience in Ruby and meta programming in Ruby.
Minimum of 3 years experience in Ruby On Rails framework(ActiveRecord,
MVC, REST API, ERB, HAML, Bootstrap, Rails Engines) Experience in
creating Ruby Gems, Engines.

Ability to own projects end-to-end
-Mac / Linux development environment

Test Driven Development (TDD) Rspec Test Cases.

Strong knowledge and experience in REST, MVC style frameworks.