Wc-lib 0.8.6 Released

Today i’ve released a new version of wc-lib.




Wc-lib is a library to use webcams with ruby under linux. It supports
video4linux in both version (I+II) and autodetects the usable version.
Beside of simply taking pictures it includes some simple image
processing tasks like rotatating, mirroring, mixing, … Because it is
mostly written in C it is very fast.


Add support for cameras wich provide images in Bayer format. With this a
huge number of aditional cameras are supported.

Add the Wc::Cam.palettes and Wc::Cam.supported_palettes instance
methods, wich will return an array with all (supported) palettes, wich
the camera (and the wc-lib) can handle. Also the Wc::Cam.palette method
is new, wich will return the name of the actually used palette. This is
only for information / debuging, because the palette can’t be set (it’s
a wc-lib internal).

Add the Wc::Cam.driver instance method, wich will return the the name of
the used Wc driver. For now these are video4linux and video4linux2.

Add the support for pseudo controls. With this type of controls we can
support controll functions wich are handled by the Wc-lib and not by the
driver. For now the sharpness attribute for cameras wich provide the
images in Bayer format is supported.

Advance examples/viewer and examples/allcams a little bit

Cheers, detlef

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