WBX Transmit Power Issue

Hello All,

I’m having an issue with the transmit power on N210 + WBX not being able
reach the spec’d 100 mW on the data sheet.

I’m transmitting a PN sequence at a rate of 1.2 Mchips/second. The
I’m sending to the DAC are +/- 24000 which is a little
bit below the full range of the DAC, but not much. I’ve set the TX_GAIN
parameter to its maximum value of 25.

I measure the output transmit power with a ladybug powermeter and get
dBm peak power. This is well below the spec of 20 dBm.
Any ideas out there what could be wrong? Does the tx_gain of 25 set all
gains of the LO, IQ modulator, etc? What is controlled and set by
set_tx_gain to 25?



I know this is a stupid question, but I’ve been bitten by this before:

Are you SURE you’re cabled to the Tx/Rx connector and not Rx2?

@(^.^)@ Ed

Yes, I am sure I am connected to the right connector. My carrier is in
800 MHz band.

Thank you,

On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 4:51 PM, Ed Criscuolo