WBX daughterboard decimation


I meant to ask this in my previous posting, but I forgot, so I’m making
another post.

I am running GNU Radio 3.3.0 under openSUSE 11.2, and I have a USRP2
board with a WBX daughterboard. I’m still somewhat new to GNU Radio, so
please bear with me.

Isn’t it necessary that the decimation value be any multiple of 4,
between 4 and 512, inclusive?

Thanks again everyone.

Steve McMahon

On 11/04/2010 01:14 AM, Steve M. wrote:

Steve McMahon

Any even decimation works, but when they’re a multiple of 4, you get
better filtering–at least
that’s what I recall.

My recollection is that some odd decimation values will work, but you
don’t get any filtering.

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