WAV File Sink problem

Hi all,

I am having trouble using GNURadio companion and getting the wav file
sink to work for me.

I am interested in recording from a USRP with an LFRX daughtercard. I
am simply trying to record from Side A, on the RXA channel.

To do this, I am using the following blocks in order from left to right
in my flow graph:

  1. USRP Source
  2. Complex to Real
  3. Rational Resampler
  4. Multiply by constant ((2^ -15)-1) to get values within the +/-1 range
    for the wav file sink
  5. Head with 20,000,000 samples
  6. Wav File Sink (1 channel, 16 bits per sample)

I have checked and all the parameters in each of the blocks are set
properly. For simiplicity in the rational resampler, I set the
interpolation and decimation to a value of 1. Also the wav file sample
rate matches the USRP source sample rate.

The .WAV file is generated however I have to actually manually kill the
flow graph. I can then see that the .WAV file has a size that is
exactly what I expect for 20,000,000 samples. However when I open it
with any .WAV editor I have problems saying there is something wrong
with the file structure.Â

Is it possible I am actually writing the header wrong with my method?
Does anyone know if my approach is even valid?


Try using the wave sink in a simplified example. Also, if you want the
app to exit when using a head block, set the run to completion option in
the options block.


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