Watir not finding element

Can ANYONE help me with this problem:

(External link for nice formatting)

Basically no matter what I do the webdriver refuses to click a
JavaScript link.

What’s the page HTML?

I cannot find the id “double_your_btc_link2” anywhere on the site you

Do you need to log in? If yes: Does Watir log in?

Try dumping the raw HTML of the page you want to test drive.

Oops, sorry guys.

@Eric, yes you do need to be logged in which Watir manages without a
problem because the login button is an actual button.

Here’s the raw HTML: FreeBitco.in - Win free bitcoins every hour!

EDIT: Sorry to waste your time, guys. I just used Firefox instead of
Chrome and it worked fine. This isn’t even the first time I’ve had a
problem with accessing JavaScript elements in Chrome…thanks anyway.