Warbler + jbundler problems

I am trying to use warbler and jbundler together. I have set up a
with a few jars and after dealing with some missing dependency problems
able to do a jbunle install.

here is the Jarfile

jruby ‘1.7.11’

jar ‘com.amazonaws:amazon-kinesis-client’, ‘1.0.0’
jar ‘com.amazonaws:aws-java-sdk’, ‘1.6.12’
jar ‘org.postgresql:postgresql’, ‘9.3-1100-jdbc4’

After this I created an executable jar using jbundler like this

jbundle executable -b bin/entry_point

When I try to run that jar file I get this error

LoadError: no such file to load – rubygems
require at org/jruby/RubyKernel.java:1085
(root) at classpath:jar-bootstrap.rb:3

Ok so next I try warbler

It creates the jar file no problems but gives me this error when I run

error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 4:47 AM, Tim U. [email protected] wrote:


could you provide the content of that file as well at least until line 3

I used an empty Gemfile (just the source declaration) and your Jarfile
simple entry_point:

require ‘rubygems’
puts ‘hello world’

which works on the current master of jbundler.

PS I have a look at warbler + jbundler after the I understood the
with jbundler. I was about to release a new version of jbundler today
wait until this one is clear.

This is the entire file

#!/usr/bin/env jruby$:.unshift File.expand_path( File.join(’…’,’…’),
FILE )$:.unshift File.expand_path( File.join(’…’,’…’, ‘lib’),
FILE )require 'Application’Application.start

As far as I can tell using jbundler to create a jar results in a very
jar file. I am not sure what is missing from it though.

If I use warbler without jbundler then I get a jar file roughly 100 megs
and it works as long as I don’t make references to directories when
requiring things. For example I had some code with recursed through
directories and required the jars it found but that didn’t work when the
app was running as a jar.

If I use warbler with jbundler I get a much bigger file but it doesn’t
to include jruby in it.

just a little follow up:

the jbundler only issue could be same as this:

the warbler+jbundler issue is a bug: