Warbler + Bundler problem: "can't find executable bundle"

Hi, I am using warbler 1.3.2 to package a rails 2.3.11 app that uses
jruby 1.5.6 and bundler 1.0.20. When I deploy to Tomcat 6.0.29 on RedHat
5 I get a “can’t find executable bundle for bundler-1.0.20” exception
when tomcat is running the preinitializer.rb file that bundler needs
Gem Bundler – Manage your Ruby gems for rails 2.3 apps.

Seems that the gems are packaged correctly and Tomcat can find the
bundler gem, but it can not find the bundle executable that lives in the
bin folder of the gem. I have tried both packing my gems in a jar file
and using the config.gem_path configuration in warble.rb but in both
cases I get the same error.

Is there any warble setting that I need to use so Tomcat can find the
executables for the gems I have packed with warbler?

I am attaching my stack trace with a bunch of debugging info