Warble aborted! undefined method `task' for #<Warbler::Config:0x29df2ecc>

Another problem with warbler :frowning:

Are you using warbler 1.3.1?

From the History.txt

== 1.3.1

  • Pin rake version to ~> 0.8.7 for now. Rake 0.9.0 compatibility will
    follow in a future release.

Only warbler 1.3.1 is compatible with rake 0.9.0.

2011/5/30 Luís Landeiro R. [email protected]:

Are you using warbler 1.3.1?

I’ve put warbler into my Gemfile and bundler installs 1.3.0.
I don’t understand because on another application with the same
warbler and rake version bundle exec warble works.

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