WAP With Rails?

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Does anyone actually use WAP? I thought that was dead years ago…

Check your requirements and make sure that cHTML or XHTML won’t work
just as
well as WML. WML is pretty deprecated these days, but maybe you need to
support really, really old devices. Also, make sure that whatever WAP
gateway your customers are using doesn’t perform cHTML to WAP conversion
you anyway. I used to develop small i-Mode sites (among other mobile
and you might be surprised what works on most mobile phones these days.

Although WML has some niceties, the context-switch (as a developer) away
from *HTML is so distant that imho its best to avoid it if you can.

To answher your basic question, its just a different view, so I wouldn’t
any problems with doing WML in Rails. See the Rails Wiki for some good

Although I like the idea of checking the ACCEPT header
just because a device says it will accept text/wml doesn’t mean it will
accept WML. Check for better formats.

I hope this helps.

Rails mailing list
[email protected]