Wanted: Skilled ROR programmer/co-founder partner(s) for soc

taking the web 2.0 movement from relationship creation (social
networking) to the next natural step–relationship maintenance, growth,
and enrichment, specifically for the 60M couples in USA and Europe who
are unhappy with their relationships and are wishing to save and
ensure, or otherwise revitalize their relationships.
The opportunity: to pioneer this new movment (web 3.0? ) with an
application that could do wonders to prevent affairs and divorces, and
revitalize relationships, and thereby prevent mountains of suffering
for hundreds of thousands of marriages and committed relationships
every year.

Founder is longtime committed social/environmental activist and wants
his own net revenues to go to prevent war, genocide, and stop global
warming, bring democracy to America, and happy, in addition to
compensation (below) to

  1. commit $20k from net revenues to fund your own project if hugely
    beneficial to society or the planet; and 2) provide equity ownership if
    we go the for profit route. Rest of our team is dedicated to getting
    our funding (see below).

We developed an earlier beta tested prototype in asp, that got rave
reviews, led to some great things, but was not sufficiently sticky,
then blew 5 mo with a poorly supervised effort using an Indian coder in
php. So hopefully this will finally be doing things the right way.

Can be shortterm: 3-4 weeks, and then half time during the beta test,
and could turn into fulltime position once funding arrives.
Estimated time to produce beta: 150 hrs

GOAL: We need to produce a beta testable app for a large health
insurance company asap (they are not funding us, but probably would if
satisfied with the beta).

We are also open to making parts of this app free to the public and the
OPEN SOURCE community

For full job description: Email me, gary krane at
[email protected]


  1. Core Requirements:
    Generation and validation of roughly 14 forms, with permissions ranging
    from the results being single user accessible to accessible to both
    members of a linked up party (husband and wife)

  2. Some features require 2 parties be logged in at once to read/write
    Private data sharing specific only between 2 linked up parties
    Some graphs based on simple analysis of the forms (to reproduce
    existing functionality; it mostly is simply a 1-1 relationship between
    certain answers and certain graph values … less than 10 data points)

We are not yet funded, and have been using my savings for past two
years. So
I prefer a partner who will work fulltime plus on equity basis; but
alternatively I can spend at least another $2000 if necessary , plus
large backend, and optimistic about getting funded soon. (Have
crackerjack fundriasing team–two guys at google, and one former high
up at Oracle.
and if you continue to stay on past first betatest, giviing you first
right of refusal for ongoing VP of engineering or CTO position.

If you get the beta done and working correctly, we are also willing to
make deal to fund your own future programming project if has strong
social/environmental value for up to $20k from profits of our startup.

NOTE: We have a top flite team (two employees at Google and one former
high up at Oracle) now looking for $200-600k angel funding.

We were also a finalist in the UC Berkeley Business Plan competition.

ADDITIONAL Requirements:
Able to start immediately and passion to be working on something that
has potential for preventing lots of suffering and helping in other
critical areas too (preventing genocide,war, stopping global warming),
since all of founder’s own profits will go to these causes.

To apply:
Please Call Gary 510 832 4033, or email me at [email protected] with
your contact info and any true applications sites you’ve done. Feel
free to call ANY time; don’t mind being woken up for this. Also for
technical questions, since i have no programming background myself,
copy head engineer, Daniel at:
[email protected]; specific technical questions can also be sent to
him, but cc me as well