WANTED: Ruby Developer

Hi All,

Are you interested in using your Ruby/Rails knowledge to create a
killer application and just maybe make some money out of it, too?

Noumenaut Studios is looking for a volunteer Ruby developer to help us
develop a content management system for Skribe, our forthcoming high-end
blogging application (being developed primarily in Flash, with a Ruby on
Rails back end).

There are three of us and we’re looking to add a fourth. If you’re
interested, you can read about our goals in our project charter below.
Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in helping.


Steve Jovanovic
Director of Engineering
Noumenaut Studios
[email protected]
(608) 225-2073

The purpose of this project is to create the first release of what is
intended to become a revolutionary, market-defining blogging
application. The aim of the first release consists of both business and
technical objectives.


  1. Launch Skribe 1.0 no later than 1 Jul 2006.
  2. Pilot Release 1 to a community of up to 100 users for six months
    after launch, providing 95% uptime;
  3. Provide free accounts;
  4. Minimize dependence on commercial software to reduce expenditures;
  5. Grow a loyal user community from which to solicit ideas for
    subsequent releases.
  6. Evaluate the market potential at the end of the pilot period to
    assess the economic viability of launching a business to generate profit
    and sustain future development work.


  1. Create a front end with the best usability and aesthetics of any
    blogging application on the market;
  2. Create a supporting back end content management system (CMS) to store
    and deliver content, including audio, video, text, and possibly other


The blogging market is enjoying exponential growth. As the population
grows, the market is expected to expand even further.

Existing blogging applications are primitive, relying on HTML and the
mainstream form-based request-response model for submitting and
delivering content. The usability of these products is generally poor.
Some work well, but at the expense of a rich feature set and pleasing
aesthetics. Others deliver a plethora of unnecessary features, creating
confusion and user failure by making setup, administration, and usage
difficult. Some try to be all things to all people, combining elements
of online dating, music, and social networking sites so that the purpose
is lost, which can lead to rapid user attrition. All existing
applications suffer from a weakness in allowing users to find the
information that theyâ??re looking for, be it a person or particular blog.
Many applications are highly insecure, which threatens the integrity of
user data and user privacy.

There appears to be a market for a high-end blogging application that
transcends the traditional form-based model, provides unparalleled
usability, unprecedented aesthetics, and offers extensive searching
capabilities, security, and anonymity, if desired. No high-end
applications exist that donâ??t belabor users with unnecessary complexity,
thus lowering the probability that the users will succeed in creating a
blog that they will use.

Our intent is to fill that gap and create a profitable business thereby.

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