Want to notify user if his prefs are not set up

hey all,

i have a bunch of users
each user has_one :user_option

user options contains info about how to handle the users data ,
preferences and such

what i would like to do in the summary page ( page after logging in )
is display a link with a message if the user has not created his row in
the options table.

would i use something like:
if user.option.nil?
@flash[:message] = ‘need to set up your account, dude’
render_partial blah blah blah
render_partial some link like ‘edit my options’ or whatever


nephish wrote:

the options table.

Sort of, though you’re mixing up the controller and view a little bit.

Although it’s not a good idea to put much code in the view I’d probably
just do something like this in the view:
<% if user.option %>

need to set up your account, dude

#nil will
evaluate as false so don’t need explicit test for it
<%= render :partial => “setup_account” %> # assuming this is some
sort of setup form
<% else %>

<%= link_to “edit your account options”, :action =>

<% end %>

There’s lots of ways to do this, to be honest, but hopefully this will
get you started

cool, thanks much for the help

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