Volunteer wanted for part-time non-profit project. work with experienced engineer

Want to bementored in software practice, develop a relationship with
a permaculture based non-profit and work with the following technology
rails3,unicorn,mongodb, ruby19, haml, git, rspec and ubuntu?

Our team is comprised of you, myself, my apprentice, a ux volunteer
and a design and new media instructor and researcher. We meet on Skype
thursdays and occasionally on Saturday or Sunday.

You are enthusiastic, brimming with questions, keen to learn with many
small experiments or test projects under your belt. You enjoy coding
and would like to make a life work out of it. You would benefit from
senior guidance and are interested in software as a craft. You enjoy
collaboration and working with others and want to contribute to a
volunteer project for your own benefit and the benefit of others. You
also feel alignment with the 3 ethical foundations of permaculture
design - earth care, fair share and people care.

Hayes Valley Farm has a neighborhood garden journal project which I am
the primary dev.

I am an experienced in ruby (v1.6-1.9) and rails (0.6-3). My name is
Curtis S. and I will be reviewing your commits, will be
available to answer technical questions and help guide you as a
developer. I have experience teaching ruby, bdd/Tdd, JavaScript,
architecture, database theory, language concepts, design, security and
system ops I speak many different programming languages and can talk
to you in your primary dialect if need be. I am a volunteer on this
project, you may have run into me at another non-profit Railsbridge.

Curtis S.

make haste slowly
festina lente \

mobile +1_415_632_6001
[email protected]