VOLK Release v1.1

Greetings, have a VOLK!

Release v1.1 is now available through github and tarballs via the
Release notes are available in the usual places (website, this email,
git tag description)


The following authors have contributed code to this release:


This release contains all of the bug fixes from v1.0.1
and v1.0.2 as well as new features and other changes that
didn’t belong on maint. The following is a summary of
non-maint changes.


New architectures exist for the AVX2 and FMA ISAs. Along
with the build-system support the following kernels have
no proto-kernels taking advantage of these architectures:

  • 32f_x2_dot_prod_32f
  • 32fc_x2_multiply_32fc
  • 64_byteswap
  • 32f_binary_slicer_8i
  • 16u_byteswap
  • 32u_byteswap


The profiler now generates buffers that are vlen + a tiny
amount and generates random data to fill buffers. This is
intended to catch bugs in protokernels that write beyond


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