VM Make Check problem : createfilemapping is not available

Hi All,

I have been attempting to use a GNU Radio 3.1.2 Virtual Machine (guest
OS is Open Suse 10.2) kindly provided by Chiara De Dominicis, with the
USRP. Initial communications with the USRP were established, enough for
firmware download to the USRP. However when attempting to run any script
that makes use of the USRP the following error is thrown up after a few
seconds before the whole VM crashes into oblivion.

Terminal message output: gr_check_counting: enter_SEARCHING at offset
0 (0x00000000)
createfilemapping is not available

Now, I’ve also created my own Ubuntu 8.04 VM with GNURadio 3.1.2 built
from source (svn trunk) and installed. I got as far as the ‘make check’.
All tests passed EXCEPT one relating to gr_vmcircbuf_createfilemapping:
The specific messages are:

Testing gr_vmcircbuf_createfilemapping_factory…
gr_vmcircbuf_createfilemapping: createfilemapping is not available
…gr_vmcircbuf_createfilemapping: createfilemapping: Doesn’t work

from here on all other tests pass OK.

So, there is a point of common failure between the 2 VM’s. Does anyone
have a clue as to what might be the cause for this failure and what if
anything can be done to rectify it?
If there is any more info I can provide that may help with a diagnosis
then please let m know and I’ll do my best to obtain it.

Thanks for any assistance.


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