Vlad the Deployer 1.1.0 Released

Vlad version 1.1.0 has been released!

Vlad the Deployer is pragmatic application deployment automation,
without mercy. Much like Capistrano, but with 1/10th the
complexity. Vlad integrates seamlessly with Rake, and uses familiar
and standard tools like ssh and rsync.

Impale your application on the heartless spike of the Deployer.


  • Full deployment automation stack.
  • Turnkey deployment for mongrel+apache+svn.
  • Supports single server deployment with just 3 variables defined.
  • Built on rake. Easy. Engine is small.
  • Very few dependencies. All simple.
  • Uses ssh with your ssh settings already in place.
  • Uses rsync for efficient transfers.
  • Run remote commands on one or more servers.
  • Mix and match local and remote tasks.
  • Compatible with all of your tab completion shell script rake-tastic
  • Ships with tests that actually pass in 0.028 seconds!
  • Does NOT support Windows right now (we think). Coming soon in 1.2.


1.1.0 / 2007-09-12

  • 3 major enhancements:

    • Vlad.load now takes a hash of recipe overrides, eg:
      Vlad.load :web => :nginx.
      See rdoc for defaults.
    • Removed vlad_tasks.rb and split into vlad/apache.rb, vlad/
      and vlad/core.rb.
    • The flog ratio between capistrano+deps / vlad+deps is pi (or,
      damn close)!
  • 12 minor enhancements:

    • Added $TRACE to make it more available and cleaner to read.
    • Added :svn_cmd variable.
    • Added Rake.clear_tasks *str_or_regexp
    • Added debug and mana_from_heaven tasks to Rakefile.
    • Added more documentation.
    • Added :rsync_cmd and :rsync_flags.
    • Added :ssh_cmd and :ssh_flags.
    • Added variable expansion to vlad:debug task.
    • Removed :scm variable. Now a Vlad.load component/flavor/need-a-
    • Removed :application var. Use it if you want it. We don’t
      require it.
    • Renamed :p4cmd to :p4_cmd.
    • Renamed :rake var to :rake_cmd.
  • 2 (important) bug fixes:

    • HUGE: Fixed sudo hang bug #13072. Fix suggested by Chris Van Pelt.
    • HUGE: Vlad.load calls user config last, allowing variable
      ACK! Sorry!
  • http://rubyhitsquad.com/

  • http://rubyforge.org/projects/hitsquad/