Vlad 1.3.0 Released

vlad version 1.3.0 has been released!

Vlad the Deployer is pragmatic application deployment automation,
without mercy. Much like Capistrano, but with 1/10th the
complexity. Vlad integrates seamlessly with Rake, and uses familiar
and standard tools like ssh and rsync.

Impale your application on the heartless spike of the Deployer.


1.3.0 / 2009-03-04

  • 9 major enhancements:

    • Added darcs support. (Brian P.)
    • Added git support. (Garry Dolley)
    • Added lighttpd support.
    • Added merb support. (Jamie M.)
    • Added passenger support. (Alan Harper)
    • Added/merged god, nginx, thin, and maintenance tasks. (github
    • Allow set to specify that a proc value is :per_thread.
    • Apply Mercurial SCM support patch. Closes ticket 13475
    • remote_task now supports args and supplies task (by Daniel P.
  • 19 minor enhancements:

    • Add role toplevel method similar to namespace.
    • Added #put method that wraps up Tempfile/rsync pattern.
    • Added #role toplevel method, similar to #namespace.
    • Added FAQ for using vlad through a gateway.
    • Added Phil Hagelburg’s one-line multi-stage deployment patch
    • Added rake tracing for rsync command.
    • Added umask variable.
    • Adds specific order to loading. Should fix a number of bugs.
    • Extended vladdemo.sh to allow for N simulated hosts (mostly for
    • Fixed tempfile dependency in #put if you don’t load lighttpd or
      perforce (yipstar)
    • Mercurial now automatically initializes the repository. (Jamie
    • Moved everything over to put.
    • Now requires rake 0.8.1+.
    • Parameterized ‘head’ into ‘revision’ variable (with head as
    • Split shared symlink creation to a separate task. (Steve Purcell)
    • Support rake 0.8.
    • Switched to ThreadGroup for Action#execute
    • Updated rakefile for new hoe abilities
    • remote_task :role now allows an empty list of hosts.
  • 11 bug fixes:

    • Fixed vladdemo.rb, now uses my checkout for further stress testing.
    • Moved core recipe to front. Was breaking mongrel setup.
    • Added automatic client setup for perforce.
    • Fix mercurial support.
    • Fixed ‘too many files’ error.
    • Fixed a lame warning in the tests.
    • Fixed cleanup to actually properly clean up.
    • Fixed rake var doco
    • Moved generic app setup to core from mongrel.
    • SSH flags are now an Array for proper inclusion in the command.
      (Guillaume Pierronnet)
    • git archive now specifically specifies tar format.
  • http://rubyhitsquad.com/

  • http://rubyforge.org/projects/hitsquad/