[Viterbi decoder]

If you are using the viterbi decoder from gr_trellis then definitely
there IS a way to use it without any modulation: that was the whole idea
behind writing all this using the “fsm” structure.

All you need to define is the trellis on which the Viterbi algorithm
will work and the “costs” (ie, distances) between the true paths and
the observed ones.


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Is there any way to use the viterbi decoder without using any
I read the documentation and it seems that there is no way, but I want
to be
sure that there isn’t any possibility.
Thank you

Hi everybody,
just if someone has tried:
what is the maximum throughput that has been reached on current
systems with gr’s Viterbi implementation with let’s say K=7 ?

thank you


2009/8/21 Achilleas A. [email protected]:

sure that there isn’t any possibility.
Thank you

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Vincenzo P.


I finally got to used it, but the Viterbi decoder does not help me the
I need, so I’m trying to implement another simpler for operating faster.

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