Visual Ruby GUI Development Environment Released


I hoping to get some feedback on the latest release of visual ruby.
It’s a complete IDE for creating GUIs with ruby. I’m getting a fair
amount of downloads, but I’m not sure why I’m not getting questions.

If anyone’s interested in making a GUI with ruby, please try installing
it today. I’ll be around to answer questions.

I’d like to answer questions and then incorporate the info into the

Also, please, please tell me if you have trouble installing. I’d like
to help you overcome the problems for my install instructions. (Download)

Thanks everyone,
Eric C

Hi Eric,
will give it a whirl soon. I don’t do much with visual environments
myself, but they are really powerful for getting beginners to code.
it for that alone.


Eric C. wrote in post #1054564:

Also, please, please tell me if you have trouble installing.


works on windows. only one issue : the run of glade-3.exe don’t work
under vr (works in cmd.exe; have put Gtk+/bin in PATH …)

So it will be fun to make glade application !




Seems interesting. Did you used FXRuby? If did it, what are the
differences and similarities between them?

Thanks for the job.

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