Visual_effect + ajax star rating system = display problem in IE 7.0

Hi everyone!

I have implemented the Ajax CSS Star Rating with acts_as_rateable as
seen here:

I have the star ratings hidden in a div, so that when the user clicks
on a link, a toggle_blind visual_effect is called, and the div
appears, like so:

View code:
<%= link_to “rate!”, “#”, :onclick => visual_effect(:toggle_blind,
‘review’) %>

... <%= render :partial => "ratings/rate", :locals => { :asset => @user } %> ...

This works great in Firefox and Safari, but in IE 7.0, when the
visual_effect is clicked on, it shows everything in the div EXCEPT the
star ratings (graphics defined in the CSS). Really strange thing is,
if I have another tab open in IE 7.0, and switch to that tab, then
come back to my page, the star ratings have now appeared! If I remove
the line of html to make the div hidden at first
“style=‘display:none’”, the star ratings appear perfectly on the
page. If I toggle the div after the page is loaded this time, I again
loose the star ratings graphics after the toggle.

So it seems the problem is in how IE 7.0 is handling this
visual_effect? And it is only affecting the star graphics in the CSS.

Anyone else run into this or have any thoughts on things I can try to
make it work like Firefox and Safari? Basically, I want the div
hidden to begin with, onclick the visual_effect toggles the div, and
the star ratings should appear with this onclick action.

Thanks in advance!