Visual DB Modelling on Mac

Since most of the rails developers seem to use macs, could someone
possibly suggest a good visual db modelling tool to use along with
rails and MySQL?
So far I’ve already tested the absolutely unsuable Workbench as well as
dbSketch, which was not adequate either.

The tool needn’t be free, as long as it is stable, works with MySQL and
has a trial version.

Thanks in advance,

DBVisualizer, from

Its java, so you’ll need your MySQL jdbc driver, but I use this to
visualize all my tables as well as keep a history of my commands etc.

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Thanks in advance,

  • Nic

YourSQL is great for basic stuff:

Navicat is great for advanced stuff (like building complex queries

It also helps to know that a lot of “important” folks (including
Apple) use Navicat:

Cheers, Joannou.

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I think he was looking for an ER diagraming tool.

The Macintosh world is distressing lacking in this area right now.


which requires

pixelglow | graphviz


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Thanks in advance,

Parker T.


Thank you, guys for your help!

XERD is not mentioned anymore on its developer’s site - it seems to
have suffered some sort of data loss, the current version at
VersionTracker is reported to have some crashing issues.

Guess, I will stick with DBVisualizer - it seems pretty adequate.

On 22-aug-2006, at 0:54, Molotoff wrote:

has a trial version.
The only promising tool in this area was called XERD. Don’t know how
far it went though.

Julian ‘Julik’ Tarkhanov
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I’ve not used it on a Mac, but DataArchitect is pretty nice:

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Thanks in advance,

Larry W.

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Guess, I will stick with DBVisualizer - it seems pretty adequate.

You might want to consider OmniGraffle, from the Omni Group. Although it
a general diagramming tool – sort of like Visio, it includes a template
E-R diagrams and there’s a MySQL one available.

Hasan D. [email protected]