Virtual rails>>still learning

I am running windows vista on my lap top. I installed virtual box and
virtual rails on this laptop and it is running linux. I am very new at
learning rails. So far the only thing I have done is create a blog
application by typing in:
mkdir rails_projects
cd rails_projects
rails first_app

so now im at the point where I am typing the following:

  1. rails blog
  2. cd blog
  3. script server

after this I go to my web server and type in localhost/3000, after
doing this I click the link that says “about your applications
environment”. When I click this I get an error message saying “we’re
sorry, but something went wrong” Is this because I dont have a data
base running like SQlite? I typed sqlite into the terminal and it
tells me what version I have so Im assuming that its installed. Where
do I go from here? Im very much a novice at this point and any
feedback would be appreciated.

Hi Rich,

It would help if you told us which Linux distribution you are using.
But in order to use Sqlite with Ruby on Rails, you need version Sqlite
3. You should also install the Sqlite3 development libraries for your
Linux distribution. You shouldn’t also forget to install the
development tools so that your gems can be compiled against the
development libraries. Finally, you should install the sqlite3-ruby
gem with the command [sudo] gem install sqlite3-ruby.

You can search Google on how to setup Rails on your Linux
distribution, and if you do find some issues, then come back to us
telling us which Linux distribution you are using and the problems you
are facing.




Thanks for your reply. I am using Linux Mint. does that sound
right? I dont know how to look up what linux distribution I have
installed. Also I typed in sqlite3 in my terminal and i got back
SQLite version 3.6.16. How do I install sqlite3 development

Hi Rich,

You’re perfectly rigth with mint, since it’s 100% based on ubuntu, all
ubuntu recipes will work with mint.

that being said, sounds to me that you need to create the sqlite
database instance that is related to your project

an important step in your rails learning will be to learn to find and
understand the log files.
the error message you have in your browser is for the end users
more explicit and detailed informations are located in the
RAILS_PROJECT/log/development.log file

you can edit it with gedit, or use the following command lines :
“more development.log” : see the whole file, step by step
“cat development.log” : go directly at the end of the file

maybe you can find your error int this log file and paste it here so
we can help you to fix the problem :slight_smile:

On 1 August 2010 23:32, Rich d [email protected] wrote:

do I go from here? Im very much a novice at this point and any
feedback would be appreciated.

You have not created a DB or configured your application to use one
(Sqlite is installed, as you’re using the VirtuaRails VM).

Continue following the tutorials. There are loads of resources (from
the “Agile Web D. with Rails” book, to the RailsGuides at and more). They take you through
step-by-step, and if you get stuck at any point, you can point us the
the page/url and we can see exactly what you were supposed to be