VimMate 0.6.1


A new version of VimMate is now available: Version 0.6.1.

VimMate is a graphical add-on to Vim with IDE-like features: it does
than the plain Vim while still being lightweight. Even with the
features, it stays out of the way for it’s main task: editing files with
Vim. VimMate adds functionality to Vim by embedding Vim GTK GUI (gVim)
within VimMate.

Changes in version 0.6.1:

  • 6721: Added “Tab Open” in the menu. “Tab Open” is the default when

opening a file not from the menu. This can be changed by setting the
:files_default_open_in_tabs to false.

  • Better Subversion integration: Add a new menu Subversion with Add,
    Delete and Revert as sub-menus.

See for more information.

Comments will be greatly appreciated. If you find any bugs or if you
suggestions, please use the tracker on Rubyforge:

Guillaume Benny