Vim/Ruby Configuration Files, 2007.05.07

G’day folks,

A new release of Vim/Ruby has just been uploaded to RubyForge.

This is intended as the final release before Vim 7.1 ships in the next
few days. It would be helpful if any major issues were reported as
soon as possible.

Tim Pope has now taken over maintenance of the eRuby syntax and
ftplugin files - officially making him the “eRuby Guy”. Tim has
overhauled the eRuby support to allow for Ruby to be embedded in
filetypes other than just HTML. By default the ‘subtype’ is
determined from the filename extension. For example, foo.js.erb is
detected as eRuby in Javascript. This can be overridden by setting
the b:eruby_subtype buffer variable and, of course, RHTML files only
require the standard *.rhtml extension.

The Ruby ftplugin now includes Ruby specific implementations for the
[[, ]], [], ][, [m, ]m, [M, and ]M normal mode commands. These allow
you to move to move quickly between module, class and method

There have also been a number of bug fixes to the Ruby syntax,
ftplugin and indent files.

Finally, this release includes a Vimball installation package for the

See the NEWS and ChangeLog files for more details.

Doug (for the Vim-Ruby Team)

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