Views and sequences

We’ve exposed a set of views to a nasty legacy Oracle DB that give our
app a
simple railsesque schema. As the DB is maintained by some hard core
DBAs we
let them trigger and constrain all they want (translation: they tolerate
us). This turns out to be great except for the fact that Rails wants
doesn’t need) to worry itself with sequences, forcing us to break our
rather nice view abstraction.

I’m wondering if anyone knows how to tell Rails to just trust that the
will assign primary keys correctly and to grab them after records are



Have you looked at rBatis at all? It’s a decent enough port of
iBatis. It puts you more in the driver’s seat over your interaction
with the db. There’s a tradeoff – it’s far more capable (IMO) of
adapting to “non-Rails” dbs but you’ve got to do more configuration.