Viewing some links!

Hello everyone hope u r doing great… [sorry if i doubled posted this
ididnt know which is the right place to do so the other post is on RoR
forum (]

Im a almost three weeks old in RoR and ive a simple problem which i
could find an answer for!

Ill tell first a bit about the project im trying to do:

Im making a tool for a Team Leader where he can put tasks for his team
members, the Team Leader can see all tasks for his own team, but a team
member can see ONLY his own task, my problem is:

Im using the same view when showing the task it self and so a Team
Leader would have these links shown (edit, delete.etc) but a team member
cant delete his task, only can edit the status of it.

Is there a way which i can tell from my controller which links to apear
or not depending on the User rights? ive really tried to search this out
a lot but came out empty…

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance…


I just tried it with a simple if else statment inside the view and it
works now i wonder if there is a better way than this to do it!!?