Viewing Rails log files

Presently, to view the log files I simply open it in my text editor,
but after sometime when the size of the log files crosses some
megabytes, my text editor starts to hang.
A solution may be to always truncate the log file length to zero bytes
after a time period.
This method surely works for development log files but is not suitable
for production log files, where I don’t want to truncate the log files
to zero very often.
I wanted to ask, is there any plugin or gem which let me see the log
files directly from my browser? (with authentication and all)

At last. Is it a “good idea” and is there any plugin/gem which dumps
the log to database instead of file?

Typically, the approach is to have some sort of schedule job (or use
logrotate) to rotate your log files each day - you keep an archive of
past days, but your current production.log will only have 24 hours or
less. See Of
course if you have a busy site that might not solve your problem. So
you will be better using commands like tail and grep to search your

I haven’t come across anything storing your log in the database.