Viewing documentation for installed modules

Hello everyone,

This is probably a stupid question, but it has been a while since I last
used Ruby, and I need to refresh my memory.
I have consulted the search engine of my choice, but without useful
results. (Although I will admit that my search engine-skills need some
refreshing, too…)

In Python, the pydoc command can be used to run a local web server
through which not only documentation for the standard library but also
for other installed modules can be viewed. Depending on the environment
it is called from, pydoc can then even display documentation for python
modules I wrote myself.

I think I remember using something similar for ruby, at least for all
modules installed through gems and via the system’s package management
(although that was on Gentoo, which I think installs nearly all
Ruby-modules through gem if possible, now I am using Ubuntu), but I
cannot remember what command to invoke. I kind of remember seeing a web
interface that showed me what packages I had installed and that allowed
me to view their documentation, which looked as if it had been created
with rdoc.

Is my memory just playing tricks on me?
If not, could someone kindly point in the right direction?

Thanks in advance,
Benjamin Walkenhorst

Benjamin Walkenhorst wrote:

[stupid question]

Hello everyone,

Never mind - gem_server was what I was looking for.

Sorry to bother you,
Kind regards,
Benjamin Walkenhorst

Thanks Benjamin for answering your own question because that was my
question as well.

I have a somewhat related question which I didn’t find answer in google.

I’d like to use ri for my gems I installed instead of view docs in
browser. How do I do that?