Viewing 404 in development


I’m doing a basic project in Ruby on Rails, and want to test my
routing, and error pages. I’d like to do this in my development
environment. I’ve gone into config/environments/development.rb and

config.action_controller.consider_all_requests_local = false

But when I go to an improper route, I don’t get public/404.html
rendered. I continue to get the routing error page:

Routing Error

No route matches “/badroute” with {:method=>:get}

Is there a better way to check this? I’d like to see how rails handles
the routing errors by default, and what the 404 will cover, than maybe
add some complex error handling after.

Thanks for the help!

For what it’s worth, I have solved this issue. As opposed to localhost,
point your browser to your machines ip address, assuming your
development is

Otherwise you could rescue_action_locally to call

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 4:10 PM, Anthony Foster