View/lookup referenced source file


I wonder what would an experience ruby developer does when working a
project involving referencing to various ruby files?

From a java background, I find it convenient to lookup an imported
source file from within the current file i’m working on. I wonder what
would be the best way to achieve the same thing in Ruby?

Why i’m asking this is because I’ve read that many ruby hobbyists prefer
a normal text editor over a sophisticated one such as eclipse



On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 10:54 AM, Dara kok [email protected] wrote:

a normal text editor over a sophisticated one such as eclipse

I think it is more accurate to say that Rubists both professional and
hobby, prefer a sophisticated text editor, such as Vim, Emacs, Sublime
Text or Textmate (or any Textmate clone like Redcar).

It is typical for any of these Editors to have highly sophisticated
capability - AckMate in TextMate is fabulous.

Note that relationships between source files is quite complex in Ruby
development. It is not isolated to just the files that you specifically
require, so search features that are isolated to only your requires are
especially useful.

In terms of IDE support, Netbeans had really good heuristic auto
and method lookup. I cant speak for Redmine, but it has a lot of fans
for reasons such as that.