View code confusion

I am trying to do this inside a view template (pass 3 values,, @inc_beg_date and @inc_end_date)…

<% for incident in IncidentReport.include @inc_beg_date
@inc_end_date %>

and the error I get is
compile error
syntax error, unexpected tIVAR, expecting kDO_COND or ‘:’ or ‘\n’ or ‘;’
for incident in IncidentReport.include @inc_beg_date
@inc_end_date ; _erbout.concat “\n”
syntax error, unexpected kEND, expecting $end

and if I put commas in to separate the values, like this,
<% for incident in IncidentReport.include, @inc_beg_date,
@inc_end_date %>
I get
script/…/config/…/app/models/incident_report.rb:16: syntax error,
unexpected $end, expecting kEND

and if I enclose in parens the errors are the same

How do I pass 3 values from within view code (because I can pass 1 value
no problem)


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Steve thanks - I actually figured it out - it drove me crazy and I had
to walk away from it.

For completeness, there were 2 problems so that everything I tried
wouldn’t work until I examined each and every error message and it
turned out there was a syntax error in my model which was receiving this
call and the error message was so similar, it evaded detection for quite
some time.

Had I looked closely enough at the 2 errors that I had included…the
second one specifically referred to app/models/incident_report.rb which
was different from app/reports/facilities/incident_report.rb


Ultimately, the 3 values passed exactly as I had tried it (required

<% for incident in IncidentReport.include, @inc_beg_date,
@inc_end_date %>

As RoseAnn Rosannadanna says…it’s always sumthin’



I didn’t see a reply to your question. What is the type of
IncidentReport and what are you trying to do with the resultant values?