Video Tutorials

I want to help others learn ruby and so I have started working on a
video series of tutorials for beginners and hope to get it to
intermediate level by the end of this month. If you have any suggestions
or things I should add let me know.


I am NOT a nooby, but because I want to help you by giving feedback I
watched your video. I am sorry for being so rude, but it sucks. And this
is why:

a. I can barely see what you are typing there. You have a nice
desktop, but I doubt somebody will be interested in watching your
desktop’s shortcuts, wallpaper.

b. I find it very boring when somebody explains how and where to click
to download something. It is like you are explaining to my grandma what
is PC and what is auto complete.

Try to inspire yourself from here

I don’t mean content - but quality.
It is remarkable that you want to share your knowledge, but prepare
yourself first, do you homework as good as you can, then try again.