Video transmission

I want to transmit video by using 16qam/4qam using constellation
receiver. Can you kindly send me the flowgraph to do that if it can be

thank you in advance.

with regards,

Hi Vishwanatha,

no, there’s no pre-existing flow graph to do that; however, from a SDR
perspective, video is “just” data, so pick your favourite transceiver
GRC file, and get data in and out via file sinks/sources or Network

Generally, we really love to help here, on discuss-gnuradio; it might
still be a good idea not request things that feel like you’re asking us
to do your job – for example, if you said “I have found a cool
16QAM-based transceiver using the the constellation receiver [link to
that], but now I’m stuck with the problem of getting video in and out”,
I think your questions will attract much more attention.

Best regards, and happy hacking,