Video Streaming

Hi guys!

I like to develop an application for Video/Chat in RoR, i am searching
and i find that i need a Streaming server, i find 2

Flash Media Server

i like to know is there another way of doing this? or if anyone has
tried the Red5 in Ror? i like to do something like

Another thing, where i can host that application? godaddy? another


I’ve used TokBox before. They have a full API to place calls, or you
can just use one of their cut-and-paste boxes to support video and

I also use Media Temple to host. Has been great for me so far.

Hi Syed,

from my perspective, the only way packets could get lost in your
scenario 2 is when your operating system’s network stack decides to drop
packets, which should only happen if there is a big backlog of unread
Try replacing the UDP sink by a file sink and see if that content is

Anyway, you mention “quality is somehow not good”; I’m not quite sure
what to make out of this.
Usually, when you lose packets in an MPEG stream you lose frames or get
visual garbage in some quadratic areas of the picture; is that the case?
If you use ncat to save the received stream instead of mplayer to play
it, how much smaller is the received file?