Video Streaming Issue (most probably at receiving end)

Hi Members,

I am trying to transmit a video stream over the wireless network between

two host computers. For transmission and reception USRP N200 is used on

both computers. The gnuradio version is

I have checked the transmission part, which is working perfectly by

transmitting a video stream over the wireless. Whereas, no video

reception is displayed on receiver end.

For further reference, I have attached the flow charts used for

transmission and reception of video streaming. An earliest reply is

highly appreciated.


Syed Aqeel R.

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On 02/03/2014 12:44 PM, Syed Aqeel R. wrote:

Hi Martin,

Again, I did some more work and the details are as under.

  1. I have created a single flowgraph without USRP hardware. For your
    reference the file is enclosed with the name of
    gmsk_file_transceiver.grc. This work fine and we can see the stream
    video output without any difficulty.

This does not mean your flowgraphs are working. I haven’t been able to
check them, but there’s many things that can go wrong over the air which
won’t in a simulation.

  1. To continue further I splitted the above mentioned file into
    transmitter and receiver side along with the inclusion of USRP source
    and sink blocks, respectively. Their flowgraphs are enclosed with the
    name of gmsk_tx.grc and gmsk_rx.grc, respectively. The FFT plot shows
    that (vdo transmission.png enclosed) transmitter and receiver handshakes
    with each other but the signal difference between the transmitter and
    the receiver side is 80 dB. I further noticed that whenever I stopped
    the transmission the received signal at the receiver further drops to
    -120 dB.

You are working with relative power levels here, so the dB values don’t
mean that much.