Video of talk from Ruxcon 2011: Hacking the wireless world with Software Defined/GNU Radio

Hi folks,

For Ruxcon 2011 I gave a presentation
io> at the weekend covering some of the neat things you can do with
particular, I spoke about some of my recent projects that employ GNU
tracking aircraft using Mode S/ADS-B in order to visualise your
airspace in web-streaming 3D, and creating a satellite communications
demodulator using blind signal analysis.

I’ve uploaded a video of the talk and would like to share it with you:

If you wish to skip to a specific section, just open the description
pane on
the video’s page and jump to a time in the topic list.

During the course of these projects, I added and modified a number of
blocks. In the coming days, I will consolidate the modifications to the
source tree into a patch, and put ‘gr-baz’ on GitHub. The gr-baz package
contains several new blocks, GRC block defs and Python scripts, e.g. for
comms (automatic FEC parameter search, convolutional code
symbol swapping, raise-to-power, variable delay, text-file-dumper) and a
seamless BorIP sample source
for the USRP 1 and FUNcube Dongle to allow remote streaming and control
one’s LAN. I shall post the relevant info when it’s all up.

All comments are welcome!



On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 8:16 AM, Balint S. [email protected]

on the videos page and jump to a time in the topic list.****
streaming and control over ones LAN. I shall post the relevant info when****


Great work, thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing your branch, and we’ll
work to move your innovations into GNU Radio.