Video files truncated


I was reported some issues regarding videos playback. MP4 videos are
delivered by nginx. Some clients are complaining because videos stop
after 5 seconds. Our videos are at least 50s long. I cannot reproduce
this issue even with an old PC with 3G connection (slow bandwith).

I guess the video stops because the connection is closed by the server
but I do not understand why. When checking my configuration, I found a
send_timeout 5; Can this be in cause?
Thks a lot


Hi again

I’m still trying to understand my issue below. I have confirmation that
my hosting company is not blocking/capping our traffic. Therefore the
issue should come from the server.
I even noticed some pictures were half downloaded: you can see half of
the image and the rest is grey.
This is a big issue.
Any idea?



Le 28 juin 2010 à 11:35, Axel a écrit :