Viable for lone developer to create & run non-trivial subscription site?

I’m very new to Rails and wondering if it’s viable for me to create
and run a niche market “project management” web app all on my own?

Is this too big a job, too much to expect? Are subscription sites of
significant complexity always developed and maintained by teams of at
least 3-4?

I think that can be done.

We’re four developers in our company,
but starting at least seven or eight sites a year.
Most times a project is handled by a single
programmer, but each of us has his strengths, of course.
It’s a great help if you have somebody around with
really good knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS.

So the amount of work can be handled, maybe
you should consider to use the help of a really good
hosting company with some experience in RoR, since that
would take off a large burden learning and finding
information on installing and running your app. I’m
always happy, if I can concentrate on programming
instead of maintenance and installation.

It certainly is viable. I run a number of sites on my own, including a
subscription site, Catch the Best. You just need some planning and a
amount of free time to pull it off. :slight_smile:

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