Very simple RJS not working in IE



page.insert_html :bottom, ‘search_results’, “

Test” “search_div”

Now, everytime this gets called, it adds a “Test” row. However, I
want it to replace the current rows, not add one.

So I tried adding this line to my RJS before the other 2 lines:

page.replace_html ‘search_results’, ‘’

This clears out the TBODY perfectly fine in both Firefox and Safari,
but it stops the RJS from processing in IE.

I know IE has an issue with RJS and updating tables, which is why I
am trying to update the TBODY tag instead. Any ideas why this isn’t

Well I installed the “taconite_for_prototype.js” and everything works
great now. I guess IE just has issues directly accessing the TABLE
and TBODY elements.

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