* Very important: Repent, Completely trust in God only and,

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All those who have sinned deserve to suffer in Hell forever. “Pride”
is an example of a sin.

  1. Repent (be truly sorry for your sins; beg for God’s forgiveness;
    abandon sin; ask Him to help you stop sinning; and repent for His

  2. Completely trust in God only; do not trust in yourself.

  3. Love the Lord with all of your heart.

The Son of God (the Lord Jesus Christ) suffered and died on the cross
to pay for the sins of those who trust in Him. His blood can clean
away our sins. He was buried for three days, then lived again. There
is hope of eternal life and happiness for those who trust in God.

Your efforts and works cannot save you. Only God is truly righteous
and good. Humans are totally corrupt, but thankfully God controls all
things. Thank the Lord if He has saved you, and if His Spirit has
given you the ability to trust in Him.

There is no better God than Him.

Atheism and Evolutionism are wrong:

An atheist is a person who does not believe in God.

God is the Intelligent Creator of the Universe.

If you refuse to trust in God, it’s not my loss.

  1. Energy/matter cannot be created from nothing nor destroyed
    (completely annihilated) through natural methods.

  2. The Universe cannot create itself. If it created itself, then
    anything can create itself; and the Universe can have a “Mind” of its

  3. Fine-tuning of the Universe: At least 50 physical constants HAVE
    BEEN SET CORRECTLY by God for the Universe and life to exist.

  4. Laws of physics do not order themselves. They have no goals.

  5. No oscillating universe; no multiverse.

  6. Universe moving towards entropy (or heat death).

  7. Planets do not form through natural methods.

  8. Gases scatter/dissipate quickly. Therefore, Jupiter have been

  9. Saturn has three rings. They have been set in place.

  10. A Theory: the Earth is near the center of the Universe. This idea
    supports the Bible.

  11. The Earth is not millions of years old. Notes: Magnetic field
    decay; Archaeology; History, other “Time limiters.” Ancient people
    were as smart as modern men. Evolutionists have no excuse.

DNA cannot exist in natural environments longer than 10,000 years;
yet, these have been FOUND in Neanderthal bones, insects in amber,
Dinosaur fossils, etc. A dinosaur fossil was discovered still having
soft tissue and blood cells.

Other keywords: Squashed Polonium-210 halos, Orphan Polonium-218,
Helium loss from zircon, Carbon-14 in deep geological strata.

  1. Misplaced fossils; Wrong sequence of geological strata/layers;
    Polystrate fossils are enemies of Uniformitarianism and Evolution.
    Example: Fish fossils in the “Cambrian” strata.

  2. Decay rates are not constant. Note: Even the speed of light is not
    constant. As for radiometric dating methods: At least one of them
    showed that primate skull KNM-ER 1470 was “212-230 million years old.”
    Even evolutionists rejected it.

Claystone dating using K-Ar in 1986: 135.2 ± 5.5 Million years old;
Dating using Ar-Ar In 1991: 152.9 ± 1.2 Million years old. About “11
million years” of decay have occured in just 5 years.

Carbon-14 production rate exceeds decay by 30%. Thus, Earth’s
atmosphere is less than 30,000 years old.

  1. NATURAL life can only come from life. Abiogenesis (or spontaneous
    generation) is impossible.
    Keyword: Chirality.

  2. The DNA double-helix, self-repair codes, self-checking system/
    algorithms, structure, DNA language convention, irreducible cell
    complexity, and chromosome count are enemies of evolution.

  3. DNA of humans differ/vary by about 10-12% from each other. 50% of
    human DNA is identical to the DNA of a banana. Humans and apes have no
    common ancestor.

  4. Common sense and science reveal the fact of “Intelligent Design.”
    There are cells which are more complex than New York City or modern
    space shuttles. Also read Genesis chapter 3 in the Bible.

  5. There is no real vestigial/useless organ. There is no junk DNA.
    Note: Males’ nipples “arouse” women.

  6. Mutations are harmful, deadly, and destructive to genetic codes.
    Example: Cancer.

  7. Natural selection and Sexual selection seem unable to eliminate
    destructive genetic codes. Natural Selection is conservative, not

  8. The fossil record and the “Cambrian Explosion” reveal Creationism
    and the Global Flood, not evolution. There were NO “mice-bats” with
    one wing or two wings each having 25% bone structure. There were NO
    walking fishes.

  9. The Lord gave humans a conscience, morals, and advanced

  10. Strong evidence of a Global Flood in the past. This fact supports
    the Bible. Geologic layers were formed quickly and catastrophically.
    Notes: Hydro-plate theory, Carbon-14 disequilibrium, Rapid sedimentary
    burial of fossils, etc.

  11. No historical record gives clues about “evolution.”

  12. Scientists can use false or “biased” data. Examples: Piltdown man
    deception, Lucy mistake, Archaeopteryx mistake, Peppered moth blunder
    and fraud.

  13. Evolution is science fiction (a myth). It is similar to the story
    of the Centaurs (horse-men) and Mermaids (fish-women). I don’t believe
    in Centaurs and Mermaids.

  14. Philosophers love wisdom. But, only God is truly wise. Atheists
    are not philosophers. They are not free-thinkers.

  15. Science is closely related to knowledge or information. These
    things are useless if there is no God. True scientists trust in the
    Creator of the Universe. Examples: Newton, Pasteur, Linnaeus, Faraday,
    Pascal, Kelvin, Maxwell, Kepler, etc.

  16. Atheism or evolution does not provide a solid foundation for
    morality. If there is no God, there is no good nor evil.

  17. Evolution is a myth. Even if it is true, there are evolutionists
    who believe in God.

  18. Every time atheists and evolutionists cannot answer a valid
    question, they say, “It’s an Unexplained Mystery.” Thus, they have
    blind faith.

  19. Evolutionistic experiments with fruit flies failed to produce
    “something else” than a fruit fly.

  20. Darwinian researchers accept that “Mitochondrial Eve” (also known
    as “African Eve”) probably existed 6,000 years ago. All humans seem to
    have descended from this “Eve” and her male partner. This idea
    supports the Bible.

  21. Stars can THEORETICALLY form through natural processes ONLY IF
    there is enough mass, a strong enough gravitational force, and an
    “igniter.” The igniter is unknown or not available.

  22. Problems with the Big Bang theory: Origin of matter, Black Hole
    (or gravitational force) dilemma, Explosions do not produce order,

  23. Evolutionism has several ridiculous ideas. Examples: Humans and
    apes have a common ancestor or humans descended from apes/fishes;
    fishes evolved into walking reptiles; reptiles to mammals or birds;
    mice to bats; lizards to dinosaurs; dogs to dolphins to whales; etc.

  24. The studies done by Creationist Scientists regarding parasitic
    schistosomes reveal the possibility that there was a perfect
    environment in the past where these parasites were NOT harmful to
    their host(s). Rather, there was a mutualistic (friendly)

After this perfect environment has been destroyed, the schistosomes
have begun invading the wrong hosts, thereby producing diseases. Such
findings support the Creation account of Genesis chapters 1 to 3.

  1. “Evolution” is a system that involved millions of years of trials-
    and-errors, naturalistic processes, suffering, misery, death, and
    natural selection.

Would the Perfect Christian God use evolution to create humans and
animals? Would He allow suffering and death even before Adam and Eve
had sinned?

  1. Our God is Master and Lord over science.

  2. All those who have sinned deserve to suffer in Hell forever. If
    God is real, atheism loses. If God is not real, atheism still loses.

More in these resource sites:

If you refuse to accept the truth, it’s not my loss. You have been
given a chance. Trust in the Creator of the Universe. There are only
two options: 1) Ignorance + Eternal suffering, and 2) Eternal life +

Notes for Jews:

Your Messiah (Saviour) has arrived over 2,000 years ago: He is the Son
of God who became a man, suffered and died on the cross, and lived
again from the dead; was prophesied in Isaiah 53, and in the book of

Notes for Christians:

  1. Don’t waste your time with those who don’t want to trust in God. It
    is enough that we warn them only ONCE. If they refuse to repent, it’s
    because the Lord did not transform their “hearts.” There are millions
    of people who have not yet heard about the Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. You are not required to make donations nor any service to your
    church. “Tithes” were for the Levites. Numbers 18:24. God does not
    need our help, but you are encouraged to serve. Also, please read
    Colossians 2:16-17. Serve the Lord with joy and gladness.

  3. I recommend the Authorized King James Version of the Bible. It has
    prevailed/won over false science (such as evolutionism); crushed the
    opposers; changed the hearts of many; revealed truths (including
    future events) from God.

There are people who claim that the Bible has “errors.” Note: The
Bible is a guide. The interpretation(s), understanding, wisdom, and
faith come from God.

  1. Salvation cannot be lost. Fact: Our God does not make mistakes. If
    you sin, He will discipline you. Hebrews 13.

  2. Hell is eternal. Isaiah 66:24; Matthew 25:41. The more sins a
    person does, the greater his suffering: Luke 12:47-48.

  3. Faith is a gift of God. You have nothing to be proud of. Ephesians

  4. Live by faith. Don’t be too strict with the law.

  5. Interesting topics:

Sovereignty of God - The Lord rules over all. He follows His own

Characteristics of God: Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence,
Spirit, Triune, Self-existent, Eternal, Immutable, Holy, Truthful,
Loving, Just, Merciful.

Trinity: There is only one God, and God has three persons: Father,
Son, and Spirit of God.

Total depravity - Humans are totally corrupt.

Unconditional Election - Before God created the Universe, He has
chosen those whom He will save.

Particular Redemption - The Lord Jesus Christ died for those who trust
in Him.

Irresistible Grace - All those who were chosen will be saved at the
appointed time(s).

Perseverance of the saints - Because of God’s help, those who trust in
Him will continue for all eternity.

Elements of human nature - Body and spirit.

New Birth - the Spirit of God transforms those who trust in Him.

Resource site: http://www.monergism.com

If you accuse me of “lying, hypocrisy, etc.,” I’m not affected with
your accusations. The Lord knows my intentions.

About the atheist’s “Invisible Pink Unicorn:” if she did not create
the Universe, then it is not important to me if she exists or not.

Repent, then trust in the Son of God: The Lord Jesus Christ. He is THE
WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIFE. No man comes unto the Father except
through Him.

Please share this article for God’s glory.

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There is a section below with the title “Atheism and Evolutionism are

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