Version of gem

Hi all, I am following this tutorial:

The problem is that i have an older version of gem. I think I have
downloaded the latest version of gem. 0.8.11. But I dont know where to
and how to use it? When i am running the following command:

c:\ruby>bin>gem install rails --include-dependencies
it gives the following error:
Cannot find gem for rails = 0.9.0
Install the missing gem with ‘gem install -v=0.9.0 rails’
Please tell me from where i can download 0.9.0 verison of GEM
*I think i have not placed the downloaded version of gem in correct
Please help me out and tell me how to operate it? I AM USING INSTANT
Thanks for your considerations

You shouldn’t be getting that error. Try doing ‘gem cleanup’ and
then trying your install again. If you get similar errors, I would
reinstall the latest version of the Windows installer/

        - dan

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