Version 1.9.3 released


We’re pleased to invite you to try the latest version of wxRuby, 1.9.3.

== WHAT’S NEW ==

Thanks to a number of contributors, this is a feature-packed release:

  • GraphicsContext, for high-quality, anti-aliased drawing and
    sophisticated image transforms
  • MediaCtrl, for playing and controlling sound and video files
  • GLCanvas, for drawing with OpenGL (requires ruby-opengl)
  • Drag’n’drop and Clipboard support for exchanging data within and
    between applications
  • Other minor additions, including SearchCtrl and GridTableBase
  • Support for universal binaries on OS X, and dynamic linking on Linux
  • Support for building with ruby 1.9 (although there are problems with
    1.9 bugs)
  • Bugfixes to existing classes, and fixes for various build and install


As usual, the easiest way to get wxRuby is to install an all-in-one
precompiled rubygem:

gem install wxruby

Gems are currently available for Microsoft Windows, OS X Leopard
(universal) and Linux i686. Feedback is welcome on the range of binary
gems offered.

== THANKS ==

Thank you very much to everyone who helped with this release with
patches, bug reports and suggestions and discussions on the mailing
lists. Contributors to the 1.9.3 code include Sean L., Mario S.,
Albin Holmgren, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Dale Edmons


There’s some smaller issues to iron out, so we’ll look to have a 1.9.4
release with a bit less of a gap than before this release. In the
interim, look out for an updated release of wxSugar, with some nifty new
code generation tools.